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Liberty House: FAQ

How do family visits work?

CoParents come over in the afternoons or on weekends. Typically a family visit will be on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Overnight passes are also arranged after residency of two weeks.

My loved one is resistant to the idea of sober living. How can I better communicate?

More times than not, this resistance is due to misconceptions about sober living homes in general. Once an individual comes in the facility and finds out firsthand what’s going on and the type of support he will be receiving, the likelihood of wanting to leave is extremely unlikely.

Does sober living work?

There is an abundance of studies, including one recently conducted by Depaul University, that prove long term structured facilities significantly outperform short-term recovery stays. Liberty House enjoys a better than 82% success rate in its graduate program.

Does the cost include food?

Yes. The house provides 3 meals a day.

Do both men and women live in the House?

No, Liberty House is a men’s only home.  The Liberty Ranch for Women home is two hours away.

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