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With a 94% success record, Liberty House has spent the last two decades helping drug and alcohol addicts get the help they need and deserve. The house is a place where recovering addicts can escape to in order to break the cycle of addiction. For many addicts, this is an opportunity to start fresh. Liberty House is 11-years-old , and one of the finest and most respected sober living homes in California. We pride ourselves on providing our young men, teenagers and men who seek residency in our sober living home, renewed sobriety.

About the House

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Liberty House is an affordable sober living home that offers a safe, structured, and comfortable environment to overcome abuse.

Closely following the principles of the 12-step program, the house is host to 12-step meetings, group sessions, and family sessions. Once house residents demonstrate continued success in their sobriety, they are able to work or attend classes before returning home at night.

Our Philosophy

Centered around the 12 step philosophy, the Liberty House is based on a highly refined system that teaches participants how to apply the principles of AA into daily life. The end result is that participants recover at increased rate and achieve long term sobriety. Throughout the process, we teach our residents:

  • the personal tools needed to sustain life-long sobriety
  • personal integrity
  • self-respect
  • accountability and honesty
  • self-sufficiency

These types of lasting changes are noticeable right away. The House approach is to breakdown addiction behavior while introducing alternative behavior/actions. As the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous is intertwined into the structure of The Liberty House, residents begin to incorporate the 12 step principles into their daily lives. Our core belief at the House is: if one is to stay sober, one must change.


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Getting Started

If you or a loved one has lost their way due to drugs or alcohol, we can help. Call us today to find out if the Liberty House is the right choice for you (866) 909-5240.

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