The long-term recovery center with an 82% success rate.

82% Success Rate

Long-term Recovery is the way to go.


In 2014, the Liberty House conducted a study to determine the sobriety rates of graduating members.  Of the 55 people profiled in the study, 45 remained remained sober after two years.


Helping families across the country recover from alcohol and drug addiction for over 25 years.


Centered around the 12-step philosophy, the Liberty House approach to recovery is based on a highly refined system that teaches addicts and alcoholics how to apply the principles of a 12-step program into their daily lives. Review Full Plan.


Initiated by either residents or staff this interaction between a resident and a member of the staff focuses on issues and problems confronting the resident and the detrimental impact the resident’s behavior, attitudes and decisions may have on his recovery from alcohol and or drug addiction. The staff member shares his experience, strength and hope and provides feedback to the resident as a means of demonstrating to the resident how their conduct acts as a barrier to their recovery and that change is possible. Solutions and plans to bring about that essential change in the resident’s lifestyle are recommended and implemented.

30/60/90 DAY STAYS

While we highly recommend and encourage longer term stays, as that is were the greatest chance of lasting sobriety occurs, we also offer a condensed version of the program in a 30, 60, and 90 day format for those that are unable to stay longer.


Our graduate program, usually taking up to 12 months to complete, offers the greatest success rates for those seeking long-term sobriety. By the time an individual graduates from our program they know who they are and how the disease of addiction or alcoholism manifests itself in their lives.


Sometimes family members and others close to the alcoholic/addict unwittingly enable them to engage in old behaviors which will lead to relapse. In addition, the addict/alcoholic causes damage and often strains or destroys relationships with those closest to them as a result of their behavior. We feel that the restoration of the family is a very important process. As a result, we offer the following services to families:

  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Family Group
  • Family Group Contact
  • Professional Licensed Therapy Services


Professional Licensed Therapy Services: Provided at extra cost, these referrals provide family members and residents experiencing particularly difficult emotional situations to receive one-on-one counseling that include rules and parameters of the house structure and program.


Nearly every weekend, guys at the house take a trip together. So much of staying sober is about removing oneself from enablers, fellow addicts, and toxic situations. These trips and adventures create bonding experiences between friends who will serve as a support system for a lifetime.

In 12 months I was a new man, with a job, responsibilities, healthy relationships and a new way of life. Liberty House saved my life, I will be forever grateful for what they gave me.


Sobriety specialists leading recovery innovation for the past three decades.

Who we are

Meet the team of sobriety specialists that have helped thousands of people stay sober long term.

  • Larry Luttrell
    Larry LuttrellFounder

    Larry Luttrell achieved sobriety in 1988 in a structured recovery home based on the principles of the 12-steps. After becoming manager of the house in 1990, Luttrell has worked to encourage, promote and inspire the residents to grow and change; to face reality and overcome addiction. Since then, Larry has gone on to build three other sober living homes across the country

  • Alan Libus
    Alan LibusHouse Manager

    A former graduate of Liberty House, Alan uses his knowledge and experience to provide emotional support and guidance to all residents. He has many responsibilities, including overseeing residents self-administer medication and helping to facilitate all groups.

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